A family that is really happy about Labor's tax policy


Tax cuts for middle and working class Australians.

What's your household's annual income?

You will be

better off under Labor each year. That's more than under the Liberals' plan

Everyone who earns less than $180,000 a year is either in the same position or better off with Labor.

Because your income is below the tax-free threshold, you do not pay any income tax.

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A Shorten Labor Government will deliver bigger, better and fairer tax cuts for 10 million working Australians.

With Labor, working and middle class Australians will pay less tax – because a tax cut for families is more important than an $80 billion tax giveaway to big business and the banks.

Turnbull and his out-of-touch Liberals will give you a smaller tax cut while cutting your schools and hospitals and giving $80 billion to big business and the banks.

With Bill Shorten and Labor, middle class Australians will pay less tax. We will deliver proper funding to schools and hospitals. And we won’t give $80 billion to the top end of town.